The Insider Secrets Med Spas Are Using to Grow in 2024

Dive deep with Heather Terveen in this exclusive private podcast series designed specifically for Med Spa owners who are determined to break the mold and elevate their business to premium levels. Unlock powerful strategies, insights, and actionable advice directly from Heather and special guests.

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This Secret Podcast Series Includes:


  • Become The Premium Med Spa Experience: An Inside Look at Creating a Profitable Med Spa Every Month

  • Attract Premium Clients Now: The Secret Strategy to Craft Premium Packages That Sell

  • The Elite Clientele System: Master the Steps to Building Your High-Value Client Base Who Desire What You Offer, NOW.

  • The Premium Package Mindset: Elevate your offerings and your bottom line.

    • And 3 Bonus Episodes! 


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